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    A party wall is a shared wall which is co-owned by you and your neighbour. Any works to this wall is strictly protected under the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

    A Building Owner Surveyor acts on behalf of the person doing the notifiable works. The Building Owner Surveyor is responsible for ensuring their appointed owner is compliant with the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

    An Adjoining Owner Surveyor acts on behalf of the Adjoining Owner (the person affected by the notifiable works). The Adjoining Owner Surveyor is responsible for ensuring a robust Party Wall Agreement (Award) is agreed and the Adjoining Owner’s property is protected.

    The Building Owner (person carrying out the works) is usually responsible for the fees of all Surveyors who are appointed. Surveyors’ fees can either be fixed or charged hourly.

    A Party Wall Agreement which is often referred to as an ‘Award’ is a legally binding document produced to settle a dispute arisen under the Act. It governs the specifics of the notifiable works and provides a mechanism for the protection of the Adjoining Owners under the Act.

    Yes, if your works fall within the scope of the Act then you must serve your neighbours with a legal Party Wall Notice. More information on this can be found in our relevant ‘Services’ pages.

    If there is an Award in place then in almost all circumstances the Award stipulates that the Building Owner is responsible for rectifying any damage caused by the ‘notifiable works’. The Surveyors will conduct a ‘check off’ inspection to identify new damage and advise further on the rectification of damage.

    Because Party Wall Notices are a legal document, it is best that a competent and qualified Surveyor in this area drafts and serves Notices. This is to save you the hassle of running into a situation where the Notices you serve are not served correctly which will cost you further delay and money.

    An Agreed Surveyor acts impartially on behalf of both the Building Owner and the Adjoining Owner and will produce an Award for both parties. This often causes less delay in the process and is more cost effective.

    A ‘Type A’ party wall refers to a wall which sits astride the boundary dividing the two properties. This can be a shared wall between two houses for example or even a shared wall that sits astride the boundary by itself in which case we refer to this as a ‘Party Fence Wall’. A ‘Type B’ party wall refers to a wall which does not sit astride the boundary but rather sits wholly on one single property.