Resolve Party Wall Disputes with Confidence

At The Party Wall Guru, we specialise in providing comprehensive Party Wall Awards (also known as Party Wall Agreements or Third Party Wall Award), ensuring a fair and legally binding agreement between all parties involved. With our expertise as Chartered Surveyors, we navigate the intricacies of Party Wall Notice disputes, bringing peace of mind and clarity to adjoining property owner and property building owner like you.



A Party Wall Agreement, is a vital document produced by two Party Wall Surveyors or an impartial Agreed Surveyor. This document serves to resolve disputes that arise when a Party Wall Notice is not consented to. Under the legal framework of the relevant legislation of the party wall act, our surveyors are appointed to produce and serve the party wall award, effectively resolving the dispute pertaining to the building work or potential damages caused due to relevant works stated by the party wall notice

Professional Party Wall Award

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Appoint one of our experienced Party Wall Surveyors who will ensure to put together a detailed Agreement and party wall notices regardless of if you are a Building Owner carrying out notifiable works or an Adjoining Owners affected by neighbouring building work.
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What is included in a Party Wall Agreement?

When it comes to resolving Party Wall disputes, a meticulous Agreement is essential for a smooth resolution. At The Party Wall Guru we understand the importance of thoroughness and clarity. Our experienced Surveyors ensure that every crucial aspect is covered in the party wall award. Here’s what you can expect from our Party Wall Agreement service:


  • Clear Identification: The Agreement includes detailed information about the properties involved, the respective owners, and their addresses. We establish a comprehensive record of the parties in dispute.
  • Expert Surveyor Details: Transparency and professionalism are at the core of our service. We provide full disclosure of the appointed Surveyors involved in the process, ensuring trust and reliability. If an Agreed Surveyor is chosen, there is no requirement for a Third Surveyor.
  • Detailed Work Description: Our Agreement provides a thorough description of the nature and extent of the works to be carried out, leaving no room for ambiguity or confusion.
  • Minimizing Inconvenience: We prioritise the well-being of both parties involved and outline agreed-upon measures to prevent unnecessary inconvenience, ensuring the rights and responsibilities of the Building Owner. 
  • Comprehensive Working Practices: The Agreement establishes the working practices that must be followed during the construction process, promoting efficient and safe procedures.
  • Clear Timeframes: We define the time period within which the works shall be completed, typically set at 12 months. This ensures that there are clear expectations and timelines for all parties involved.
  • Indemnities and Access: The Agreement includes indemnities by the Building Owner in favor of the Adjoining Owner, ensuring protection and security. It also outlines any right of access required by the Building Owner.

What To Expect:

To supplement the Agreement, we provide additional documents that enhance the clarity and completeness of the process. These typically include:

  • The Party Wall Award and Document Register: This essential document serves as the core of the Agreement, providing a comprehensive overview of the terms and conditions agreed upon and any additional documentation that supplements the legally binding Agreement.
  • Detailed Schedule of Condition: We include a meticulous assessment of the condition of the properties involved before the works begin. This ensures accurate evaluation if any damage occurs during construction.
  • Accompanying Architectural and Structural Drawings: Visual representations of the proposed works aid in understanding and compliance, ensuring clarity for all parties involved.

Method Statements and Other Relevant Documentation: In certain cases, method statements and other relevant documentation are included to ensure that all aspects of the project are thoroughly covered.


Take the next steps:

Step 1: Contact the Party Wall tall team to discuss your project and request a quote.

Step 2: Agree to appoint a Chartered Surveyor. 

Step 3: Once the Party Wall Agreement is completed by the Agreed Surveyor or the two appointed Surveyors, it is formally served to both the Building Owners and Adjoining Owners. While there is a fourteen-day right of appeal, construction can commence before this period; but this is usually at the Building Owner’s own risk, unless agreed upon with the Adjoining Owner.

Step 4: Upon completion of the notifiable works, our Surveyors conduct a final check-off inspection using the Schedule of Condition. In the unlikely event of damage, our Surveyors can then take the necessary action to have the noted damages rectified, usually at no cost to the Adjoining Owner.

If you require a Party Wall Award or free advice on the subject of Party Wall Agreements and other Party Wall related matters, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our fully qualified and experienced surveyors are dedicated to assisting you throughout the process.